Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hype = Disappointment

It is sad that anticipation for new games (particularly sequels) is so often a potent cocktail of both excitement and dread.
It seems sad we are all so worried about games falling short of our expectations. Are we too picky? Are games declining in quality? Are they losing a certain charm in their commercialization? Or are games simply over hyped?
The latter seems accurate, over extending promises and hyping games likely culprits.
I found Fable I to be one of the best games I've played. I was just about 7, I liked the box art, bought it, and fell in love with the beautiful environments, simplistic RPG elements, bright characters and interesting plot.
Years pass, and hype anticipating the release of Fable II reaches my ears, particularly Lionhead studios notorious blabber mouth Peter Molyneux's moronic statements - "It will be the greatest game of all time." I thought Fable II was a decent offering, but fell short on too many of the claims made such as proper co-op, interaction with the your dog, and the general options and choices offered within the game.
Fable III will be released next week and I'm terrified. I've been trying to ignore everything about it, but its hard to overlook now broken promises of Kinect (microsoft's new motion based controller) compatibility, and more grandiose claims by Molyneux. Which is sad, because the man is obviously an incredibly talented developer, and is always hilarious when he speaks. But some things he says must just leave his fellow developers face palming behind curtains.
It seems no coincidence that the amount of hype I have been exposed to concerning Fable titles has risen with my amount of skepticism and inevitable disappointment.
Certainly, not all games fail due to hype, Halo reach being a brilliant example - but hopefully on Tuesday I won't have one of my fondest childhood gaming memories dragged through shit by another mediocre, disappointing game that fulfills none of the promises made.
Peter Molyneux - please refrain from talking.


  1. i thought MoH lived up to its hype...

  2. I'm still waiting for Batman: Gotham City to be released... The only hype in my mind atm is of how great the first one was.. I really hope the next one is just as good! :P

  3. well dude, hopefully Gotham city will be killer. Arkham Asylum is a seriously hard act to follow - though it lived up to its hype partially due to the gaming communities incredulity that a Batman game was actually good.

  4. There are still many games that live up to their hype. There are quite a few that unfortunately dont though. I am also worried about Fable 3 though, I will play it before passing judgement on its quality though.

  5. Re-reading the article it doesn't seem it, but I'm actually pretty excited for Fable III,I have a glimmer of optimism. And for sure, nothing is certain until I have the game in my hands (well in my xbox). It arrived in at work today, I wish I could break embargo.

  6. never liked fable :(

  7. fable is a good set of games... but this one did disapoint. new games always = too much hype, not enough deliver

  8. fable 1 was really good a shame i never played 2 because it didnt come out for the pc but ill express my opinion after i play 3